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James McArdle,

James Phillip McArdle (known as Jim) was born in Molong in 1933 and died in April 2007. He served on Orange City Council from 1995 until 2004. For these eight and a half years his focus was on traffic safety and waste management. Jim had a reputation for speaking his mind without fear or favour, keeping in mind the best interests of the community who voted him into Council. He spent many long hours serving his community especially as Chairman of the Orange Traffic and Community Services Committees.

Councillor Jim McArdle was a representative on the following Committees:

  • Waste Resource Management Committee
  • Recycling Advisory Committee
  • Chair of Recycling Education Committee
  • Traffic Advisory Committee
  • Glenroi Community Centre Management Committee
  • Village of Lucknow Advisory Committee
  • Village of Spring Hill Advisory Committee
  • Orange City Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • Senior Citizens and Pensioners Centre Management Committee
  • Gosling Creek Working Party Committee

As a member of the Traffic Advisory Committee he was an adamant believer in lowering the speed limit to 50km uniformly in Orange. While serving on the Committee he achieved traffic control measures in Maxwell Avenue near Glenroi Public School and was interested in improving accessibility to footpaths, roads and carparks for people with a disability.

Gosling Creek Reserve was also an important project and he was proud of what was accomplished while he was on Council and glad to see improvements continue after he left Council.

  • Compiled from information supplied by the family
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