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Cr Peter Hetherington

Chairperson of

  • City of Orange Traffic Committee
  • Lucknow Community Committee
  • Orange Aquatic Centre Community Committee
  • Spring Hill Community Committee

Objectives My objectives for this Council term are:

  • For this Council to be truly representative of the broader Orange community.
  • For the whole community of Orange to feel that it has representation at Council level and not be viewed as 'minority' or 'pressure' groups.
  • For Council to work on projects that will not only make Orange asset rich but enrich us socially as well.
  • Development of the Orange Regional Conservatorium, the Wentworth Mine site, and possibly a Council operated Indoor Aquatic Centre will directly benefit the Orange community and be assets for tourism promotion.
  • For Council to be well-managed financially and, if possible, any costsavings passed on to the ratepayers through relief in service charges.

The main priority should be for Council to work cohesively, not divisively, and for all activities to be transparent and to be seen to be transparent to everyone.

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