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Henry William Newman was born in Nantes, France, on 27 November 1839. He arrived in Sydney with his parents in 1841 and was educated at the Sydney Grammar School.

At the age of 18, Henry caught gold fever and went to the Forbes gold fields where he remained for two years. He was unsuccessful in his venture and resolved to return to Sydney. He had only 12 shillings and 6 pence to his name when he stopped at the Wentworth gold fields near Orange in 1862 to try his luck. He sank the Homeward Bound shaft, which produced £28,000 from gold in just nine months.

Henry invested his profits in a general store at Lucknow and later opened stores at Cadia Copper Mine and Icely Copper Mine. In 1867 Newman interviewed Mr Robert Frost who was the owner of the old field at Lucknow. Newman was given permission by Frost to select any site he liked upon the estate to mine without a license. Newman went on to manage many of the successful mines at Lucknow.

In 1891 Newman was elected to Parliament and served as Federal Member for Orange. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute, a Justice of the Peace, post and telegraph master and general store keeper.

Henry William Newman died in Lucknow on 1 June 1904 at the age of 64.

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