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John Velvin. Image courtesy Ruth Velvin Gilchrist.

Sands Directory lists a John Velvin, upholsterer in Orange in 1903-06.

Writing about the East Orange Post Office in the Orange Photo News on 26 August 2010 John Miller, notes that in 1901 the home of former Mayor, John Velvin, was found to be suitable. Elizabeth Anne Velvin was appointed postmistress and the post office opened for business on 1 December that year. Today this building still forms part of the East Orange Post Office complex.

Elizabeth Anne Velvin died on 5 July 1906 at her home Hazelmere East Orange aged 73 years.

John Velvin is listed in Sands Directory as a resident of Drummoyne 1908-1919. He is replaced by a Miss A velvin at the same address in 1920.

John Velvin died at the residence of his son(?)-in- law, J Smith, at Hamilton on 12 Jaunary 1918 aged 84 years. He is described as late of Orange and Drummoyne.

He was Mayor of East Orange 1898-1899, 1901.

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